Getting Started: Setting up your Mail Client

Step 1: Login to your email account
Webmail Login
Step 2: Click Configure Mail Client
Configure Mail Client
Step 3: Configure your Email Account
Step 3a: Auto Configure
Email Auto Configuration Scripts

In the table, find your mail client.  To the right of it, there will be links to Auto Configuration Scripts.  If there's a choice between IMAP over SSL/TLS, POP3 over SSL/TLS, IMAP, or POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3), choose IMAP over SSL/TLS.

Step 3b: Manually Configure
Email Manual Settings

If your mail client is not in the table, you must manually configure your email account.
Always use Secure SSL/TLS Settings.
Use the given settings to set up your account in your mail client.

If you could not figure out how to add your email account to your mail client, please create a new support ticket.

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